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The Clients Which Are Reasonable

We strongly recommend using a UL listed model to further reduce the chances of starting a fire during the shrink packaging method. Shrink wrapping is a profitable service that complements other marine activities including cleaning, storage, boat sales, maintenance and servicing. Tufcoat support wrap is a robust and strong plastic support casing which is heat withered to create a tap tight and tear resistant casing over roofs and frontages of any size or shape scaffold structure.

Tufcoat are joined together by heat welding, Tufcoat creates a continuous skin around the scaffold structure without the holes or gaps traditional sheeting.

This makes Tufcoat extremely effective for applications where a high level of containment or weather protection is compulsory.

Heat guns for Shrink wrapping heat guns for applying heat to shrink wrap are available in both propane fired and electrical models.

Boat Coat Will Supply

Boat coat will supply the whole thing you need. We provide a boat shrink wrap service to the customers. Our low priced startup equipment will simply pay for itself after 4-5 completed shrink wrap jobs. An elementary startup kit consists of simply a gas heat gun, a roll of marine grade shrink wrap, knitted strapping, self-adhesive patch tape, safety gloves and safety knifes, though, a range of equipment is accessible depending on your exact requirements.

All start up kits includes step by step orders desirable free telephone or email support. To keep our values as low as probable we do not include onsite training as standard but this can be systematized at a complementary cost.

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Importance Of Guarding The Boats During

The Time Of Transport

To establish a shrink wrap service requires only a small principal investment which is quickly returned. We work with installers in over 15 countries; what we gain from the arrangement is a local contact who knows the customers or potential customers in their area. What we offer in return is a top quality product, available from stock at a great price; training and support when you begin; and ongoing support as you take on different work.

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Tarps Or Custom Covers

Tarps or custom covers are used with varying degrees of success; frequently they won't endure long periods at road speeds or successive winter storms, coming off and producing damage to the boat.

boat shrink winterization

Boat Coat Shrink Wrap

Boat coat shrink wrap is a specially intended marine grade plastic film which is covered over and heat shrunk tight against the boat. Unlike a tarpaulin, shrink wrap fits drum tight so it can't flap around and destroy itself this is the secret to its durability.

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Sheets Of Shrink Wrap

Because sheets of shrink wrap can easily be joined together there are no restrictions as to the size or shape of boat that can be threatened. Shrink wrap can be produced in an extensive variety of sizes and thicknesses depending on the needed application, amount of durability and extent of exposure to different elements.

Our Client Says

We have used virtually every boat detailing service at one time or another, trying to find someone who could provide the level of details.
Shrink Wrap Boats

Dave Smith

We have received the best possible care and it is definitely encourage the customers to use the reusable covers and hence recycling is carried out.
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Mike Martien

Training literature and videos that teach these skills are available from suppliers of shrink wrap materials and tools.
Shrink Wrap Boats

Herman Melville

We have been pleased with each service, and their flexibility to work with our time schedule. Their reliability and personal attention is excellent.
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Jane Salima

Boats Are Threatened When They Are

Winterized By Shrink Wrap

In areas where severe winters and heavy snowfall occur, this safety can help stop serious damage to boat structures. With proper training, the right apparatus and the use of flame retardant shrink-wrapping film, this process can be completed with small risk of damage to customer’s boats. Shrink wrapping protects the boats when they are winterized. During plain winters and heavy rainwater happen and the security for storing boats can help evading serious damage to boat. Shrink wrapping your boat is like adding a layer of armor to your boat's protection. The winter can be harmful to the outside of your boat if not threatened. Shrink wrapping your boat adds an extra layer of protection to keep dampness, pests, and harmful winds away from your boats interior and exterior.

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Installation Done Easily For The Shrinking Wrap Boats By The Specialists

Shrinkable material is a high-class alternative to conventional shrink-wrap, with a shrink-film outer layer and a nonabrasive, fabric inner layer; it almost eradicates warranty claims on boat finishes. It is a perfect solution for boat producers, the cover can be tailored rapidly and easily at the factory. Combining the ease of fitting a normal boat cover with the outstanding fit of shrink-wrap, boat coat’s shrinkable fabric covers can be built-in just a few minutes. Stock inventory is definitely preserved as there is simply one per boat and no wastage. At the dealer, the cover can be removed and a complete inspection of the boat is carried out, before placing the cover back on for the customer who should get at least two winter season’s storage out of it. The shrinkable fabric cover is made to measure and is easily installed over a boat by one or two individuals in just minutes.

If you have any clarifications regarding the shrink wrapping boat you can contact us on phone. Call us on 630-864-7346 to gather more information about various shrinking boat services and procedures.